Monday, 6 July 2015

It's about time we had a catch up!

Howdy Folks!

Ah it's been a long time, no see so I thought I'd best catch up with everyone. Alright, fair enough most of the group surrounding me have also moved on from MSP but hey ho we'll see who's still around.

Christ though, how long has it been? A year and a half maybe? Eh and not a day of regret leaving MSP. Let's not go into that or we'll start ranting about game updates..

I've been back and fourth on MSP every 6 months or so, seeing what's changed, it's been fascinating really, though the players seem to be younger and younger but I guess that's just me. Yeah, that's right.. I grew up. I'M 16 NOW, HECK I'M LEGAL AND EVERYTHING. Wait, wait.. wasn't I 14 the last time I properly played? Yeah?! Jesus well, time flies.

In all honesty I have missed the laughs I had back when this game was great to me, 15 hours a day game play and still going. I'd say I've come a long way but that time is now being invested into xbox and no where else. However, I still keep drawing though so I may post a few of those at the end of this for you.. I've improved definitely.

OH YEAH GREAT NEWS TOO, I also got myself into that trap we all call a relationship. Yeah that was like last February and still going on so y'know. Quit MSP, you'll immediately find relationships, y'know people like you and shit. 

What other news do I have? Oh! I moved house again, got a dog, and I'm going to art college to study A levels. So yeah, LIFE IS GOOD

I hope you guys are all doing well though, y'know, I HOPE EVERYTHING IS GOOD FOR YOU ALL AND I WISH YOU THE BEST

If anyone would like to catch up / keep in touch, kik me - RawrImAmmy AND IM SORRY MY USERNAME IS SCENE, IT WAS A PHASE. A PHASE THAT HAS ENDED. AND THANK GOD.

Oh yeah I said I'd share some art with you so, drum roll please

Finally, before I clear off for another 6 months, I shall prove myself free of the emo phase

Thanks for a lovely ol' catch up, we should do this again some time y'know, it's been good. I'LL SEE YOU ALL AGAIN SOON, TALLY HO

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