Sunday, 16 February 2014

How do I put this..

I know this happens a lot, and usually it's because I just forget about my blog. But I'm sorry for not posting a lot recently. As per usual, I've had a lot going on at school. But also, I've been making a lot of new friends recently and going out more - meaning I haven't been on msp, or on my laptop generally which I apologise about. 
Honestly, I haven't actually missed MovieStarPlanet all that much. You've probably seen me online here and there for a couple of minutes, but that's probably as much as you'll see me online from now on. I guess with everything that's going on, I've kind of 'matured' a little or whatever. I don't mean to sound pretentious or arrogant, but I just want to put across that I'm really not that into msp anymore. I know it's taken a while, and this September will be 3 years since I joined the game - which is crazy! I think, looking back, it was kinda nuts of me to log online every single day I mean. I don't know what I even did for the majority of hours that I was online?
Anyway now that's settled, how about a closing selfie to end this post? Good idea. 

Thanks ever so much for reading - and no I haven't just decided I'm gonna act older than I am. I'm just under a large realisation that coming online every day for no reason was kinda pointless :'D

*mental breakthrough*

If you still want to keep in touch, message me on MovieStarPlanet and I'll give you my Kik username.
I also use other shizzle such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. BUT THEY'RE MINE AND YOU WILL NEVER FIND THEM O': 


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