Thursday, 10 March 2016

Catch up!

Hey guys, thought I'd make a wee catch up post - it's been ages since we last spoke, and a lot has changed! I think I probably told you guys I escaped the emo phase, yeah, that phase I refused to admit I was in

"I like Black Veil Brides, but no I'm not emo! I just wear black, and like emo clothing. But no, I'm not emo xDD"

Yeah. Yikes.

Anywho, so, nothing's new with my boyfriend and I - whether I told you that even happened I don't know. I'll fill you in, about 2 years ago I started talking to a boy (about the time I left msp coincidentally) and yeah we ended up going out. I talk about him a lot on my msp statuses, so if you ever hear the name Nathan, that's the one. But yeah, point being we're still going strong thank fuck!

Also, I actually have some fantastic news to share with you guys! I got a job! I know right, who'd have thought? About a month or so ago I got employed at Costa, so, pretty cool in all honesty - I love it! Especially for all the free drinks on shift, holy shit.

Hmm, what else has happened? Uh, Emma and I have had our ups and our downs but everything's all cool again, in fact we're probably closer than we ever were back in the days of msp - which I think is amazing.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I suck ass at college. However it's pretty fun though, so it's all good.

There was also a regrettable stage where I dyed my hair blue. Once. But that's long gone as it looked ridiculously tacky. Honestly, it was horrible, looking back on it. Never again, thanks!

Oh yeah! I was actually considering uploading a less ridiculous vlog now I'm more confident, and I've changed so much - I feel like that's the best way to kinda evaluate the 3 year gap between then and now. Thought it'd be cool to do! Though I'd so take the piss out of that one liner from my first vlog

"Socially awkward Amy doesn't even have a boyfriend" Yeah well for lines like that and your greasy as fuck hair, honestly I'm not surprised you were single.

Eh, I'll end this post like I always did, with a few cheesy photos of myself.

Edit: I just realised the previous post to this was also titled something along the lines of "Catch up", oh dear..

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