Tuesday, 14 May 2013

You Are Witnessing Puke.

Before we begin, Blu you're mean for making me upload this XD
HAI :3

As suggested by Blu, I'm uploading yet another picture of me irl! Only difference this time is the lighting is just.. unbelievable ._.
If anyone else asks me to smile I'll cut up their soul and feed it to ducks because I hate my smile, I don't really want to show it. If you want to see it wait till I'm on tinychat I don't stop giggling there.

Look at it, My hair's come out blonde and my eyes grey?! Oh yeah and that is Andy Biersack wearing my fake moustache. ;D

~KeepOnSmiling♥ ..Well I say that, I MEAN ON THE INSIDE. BE HAPPY ;~; You don't have to show your smile if you hate it that much.

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