Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Pointless Post #7

I swear I just express my thoughts towards things I hate in these posts. Yep. I'm going to explain about how I hate boring people! Now that sounds really horrible but y'know when you're on msp and someone pops up saying 'hi' and nothing else, not even a smiley face. It's boring and they sound like they couldn't care less about talking to you?! I mean when I message people it's things like 'Hai c:' or 'HERRO :333' depending on how much we talk. Adding a smiley here and there adds emotion to when you speak instead of sounding like a robot. And no one wants to be a robot. Robots do your laundry - Maybe in the future! But anyway thats todays massive frustration. If you're quite an emotive person in when you talk with your ':D' and 'XD' please feel free to message me. And if this type of thing gets on your nerves, I love you. No but at least you understand me. Maybe I do love you? xD 


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