Monday, 1 April 2013

You're the Judge!

Sup homies ;D
Yesterday I got bored and decided to scroll through the Cherry Blossom Competition entries. Guess who's look I came across? Mine! Obviously I got all excited as you do knowing your look is near the start, So now I'm asking all the Judge / Jury members I can find to vote for my look within the next 10 hours. It's tough but I'm sure it's worth it :P
So if you're on MovieStarPlanet and you are Judge / Jury please vote for my competition entry
I won't lie to you though, It is on the 30th page. But seriously, It doesn't take a minute to get there I promise you! c:

Anyway thank you so much if you do vote for me, I really do appreciate it <33

Oh yeah here's my thank you video to you all, Sorry it's a little delayed :P


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