Sunday, 24 March 2013

Wrexx Can Make Music! - Vaguely

I'ma happy bunny xP
Today I stole my sisters right-handed guitar and despite me being left-handed I managed to learn part of The Mortician's Daughter, Well it was quite difficult as I had to turn the chords upside down for it to work and it hurt my brain a little :'D but it worked, And mum is thinking of buying me a leftie guitar so I can learn songs properly! 
If I get really good on a leftie guitar (assuming I get one), I MIGHT upload a video of me performing it. I doubt it but it's a start to any performing and shiz - Sad thing though is I can't hit the notes to the song so it'd be an instrumental cover. I don't know, Would you guys want me to do that? 



  1. You should so do a cover I'm working on one too :D plus I bet you'd get a ton of views. Oh please do one it be epic x

    1. Thanks! I'll try and learn The Morticians Daughter to a standard where it's actually presentable but I can't do that until I buy a left-handed guitar and I'm not sure when that's going to happen yet. So it could be a few weeks, Or a few months. Depending on when and if I get a guitar and how easy I find it to play the song. c: