Sunday, 24 March 2013

Bears, Friends and Bvb

Helloooooz :'D
Wow, It seems like ages since I've posted! Sorry I've been really busy lately with mum's new job and my trip to Birmingham etc. Well while we're on the subject of Birmingham I bought some very special things... :o

First of all my new favourite item of all time because I spent out in Blue Banana - I recommend this shop to people with good music taste.

Also I bought a Green Day poster but I couldn't be bothered to take a picture of that, But it's the Uno, Dos, Tre one. 

AND FINALLYYYY..Well. I have a story behind why I bought a Build-A-Bear.
Well, Me and my friends thought it was a good idea to have a mascot to our new found gang 'The Emus' (Emu: A combination of Goths, Emos, Punk, Rocker and all the inbetweens). Of course we were standing otuside Build-A-Bear weren't we :'D So we went in and chose our bear which is now named Gregg Jr after the creepy Ol' Gregg starring in The Mighty Boosh on BBC Three from ages ago pahaha. Anyway. The man that served us was so sweet (and slightly camp), Because he told us to put five hearts into our bear (one each) instead of the usual one heart per bear which was really kind. And he took a picture of us all which I cant actually get hold of at the moment as its on my friends phone.
Awh isn't that a sweet story xD

I don't know if you could be bothered to read that or what but I thought I'd tell you about The Emu's Trip To Birmingham!


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