Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pointless Post #4

Helloooo :3
I thought I'd just share a list of my pet peeves for this Pointless Post! xD

- The word 'Spillage' doesn't sound right.
- When people edit Andy Biersack's eyes to be bluer
than they are (Seriously, They're like some kinda blue heaven naturally)
- Thirty Seven
- 'W' - I mean who named that thing 'Double-U' It's quite clearly a two V's, Not U's!
- Words that are commonly spelt wrong eg. Necessary, Assessment,  Favourite
- People who don't wear socks
- When people mix up Your and You're
- People who ship ships that don't actually exist eg. Andley Purdsack. Andy and Ashley (Members of Black Veil Brides) made a video sharing that the ship wasn't real! I mean it's more reasonable to ship Jalex because Jack and Alex (Members of All Time Low) do admit to that a lot and they do express it.
- People who use starter faces on MovieStarPlanet despite being vip or at least lvl 6 or 7.
- 'Portfolio' is an annoying word, it doesn't flow.
- Your favourite bands break up.. 
- Favourite songs that aren't on iTunes 
Ok I'm gonna end it there so no one gets carried away with themselves. I hope I frustrated you with my pet peeves!


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