Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Conclusion to the Confusion

Recently I've been receiving a lot of confusion involving who I actually am - Sounds weird I know. But anyway, A lot of people are asking if I'm Emmie :D or Elisa Black. So to clear this up I thought I'd post about it.
Okay, So. The only accounts I have that are active are xWretched and Emmie :D so if you find yourself in a conversation with them, You have the sheer joys of talking to me!
My sister on the other hand has Elisa Black on MovieStarPlanet, And a few other accounts which I'm probably not aware of because I don't sit and watch her 24 hours a day xD
And also to finish it of, Neither me or Elisa are xPerfectWeapon. That's our good friend irl, Skye who also holds the account #Blu# who is unfortunately locked until 28th March which I shan't go into detail on.

Sorry if you were a little fuzzy on who we all are, I hope you're clearer now! 

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