Sunday, 6 January 2013

Long Postieeee xDD

I'm sorry I haven't posted in absolutely ages, I've been in France for Christmas and New Year. Anyway I hope you had a good Christmas while we're on the subject :) 

Anyway you've probably heard of by nw, or Irish msp! Well anyway my friend dolphin900 made an account for me (THANK YOU SO MUCH) 
So yeah I'm EmmieSmiles, add me if you can :)

Haha, me and Eddie/Emma FaceTimed for the first time today..we're still on now xD
Hehee xD

And finally! Thank you ever so much for helping me to lvl 14 while I was away and lvl 14 is a MASSIVE achievement for me, so thanks xDD

~Keep On Smiling:D

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