Saturday, 12 January 2013

EmmieSmiles & Stuff

Bonjour mes amis :3

Right, so recently I've been really getting into the new irish msp! I'm already level 6 on my acc which is all well and good but getting to level 7 would be absolutely amazing right? Yup. You know what you have to do, just stalk EmmieSmiles at simples! 
See, there's me! I look a lot nicer on EmmieSmiles than Emmie :D to be brutally honest xD

More news. Ok if you're one of those stalkers (lol) you'll probably have noticed me screaming about BVB..and now you're thinking ' OH GOD NOT AGAIN EMMIE, SHUT UP.' Thought so. Anyway, they have a new album out so I'm just warning you, it makes me hyper okay? Okay.

And on that note, I've finished annoying you now so go back to whatever the hell you were doing because this is it. You've read everything!!

~Keep On Smiling!

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