Sunday, 3 June 2012

Shock of a lifetime :OO

Now do people believe ishacool is a nice person???


  1. OMG. NO WAY. I always thought ishacool was just the popular top of the leader board person. I never really knew or know what her personality is like even tho I read her's and pandypolo's blog blog all the time. I guess she is a really nice person after all! I wish @I was friends with her, not because she the highest level or the gave you loads of gifts but just to have someone to talk to and won't judge you for anything. But i know she can't though cuz her computers laggy or slows down or something.
    Emmie, ur lucky ;)

    And i'm glad ur such a good friends to me too. x

    1. awww I'm glad I'm ur friend too ♥ and yeah at first when I saw the highscores I thought she might be all snobby etc but when she added me my thoughts changed of her coz I got to know her a lil. I helped her sort out evil forums about her so thats why I probz got my whole wishy but as youhh can tell...I was pretty shocked! I cant believe how rich she is LOL!!!

  2. May I just say..I dont mean to brag about this as I got a message saying.

  3. How many did you get ?? Cuz me and my bff got 12 :D
    Ive always thought she was the best :D