Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fame and StarCoins

Fame And StarCoins

Just like youhh guys I am determined to level up but I've been at it for a really long time now and I'm desperate to get to level 5 and so on...maybe one day I'll be saying level 25. The point I'm trying to make is it would mean the world to me if youhh could do me the kind favour of watching my shorties and normal movies...dont forget ur free starcoins added in there. Youhh will receive more than 100 starcoins if youhh watch all of my movies!!!
I'm very nearly level 5 now like I said and if ur too lazy to watch movies, just loves all my looks and give me autos....it costs nothing and its a total time saver!!!!
So get cracking! I will personally thank youhh if youhh mail me saying youhh helped...youhh might (most likely) get an auto as a thanku prezzie as I'm not exactly that rich xx
Anyway this is dragging on a bit so I'll shut up...I hope youhh took ur time to read this THANKYOUHH!!!


  1. Emmie, I Gave Yoouh An Autoshh. xx

  2. awww thankyouhh loudiessh! xx
    urs was the last auto before lvl 5!! ^.^