Friday, 21 June 2013

Reasons Why :\

Evening c:
Hi guys, I just wanted to explain some stuff. Well a lot of 'stuff'.
Okay so recently I haven't exactly been posting much, I think it's because I've been awfully fed up these past few weeks and it's been getting worse recently and it's affecting my creativity and ideas for posts.. I won't go into it but I just haven't thought in enough detail as to what to post. I have been keeping up to date with sample banners though. 
Also I can't gain access to internet over the next week as I'm on a residential trip with my school to Brighton. So I shan't be on MovieStarPlanet, or post blog updates etc. I will ask #Blu# to babysit my account though. 
Finally, I'm more stressed than usual lately as well, Not helping to the whole fed up drama happening. But in the week after the residential trip I have an induction week up to my next school so. More stress.
And yes our county is weird and we go to separate schools between year 9 and 10. Oh well. Not interesting. Anyway..


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