Monday, 29 April 2013

Virtual Art Tour ;D


Well, Being the absolute maniac that I am I got bored and decided to let you suggest things for me to draw xD
(I just love my friends :'D)

So without further ado, Let's go on a virtual art tour!

As suggested by my bff, #Blu# I drew her a delightful I<3Bluuuuuu! kind.. of uh... thing :|
I hope you like it anyway :'D

(Trust me these get weirder and weirder xD)

Thank you to ty-ty105 for suggesting a chibi version of Gerard Way, Now sorry for not being able to draw chibi ok, DON'T JUDGE MY ART SKILLS I CAN ONLY DRAW RL STUFF DDD;

(And now we visit the crazy corner of our lovely are exhibition..)

Before we go any further, I haven't ever drawn a sloth before so don't make too harsh judgements :'D I tried ok xD
Anyway that's just for you, Rosieee98 :33

And finally... Something so weird, It will blow your imagination :| *Cue Dramatic Music*

Suggested by CrazeehRock, A leprechaun riding a unicorn (specifically on drugs I believe o.o) jumping over a rainbow:'D
It might be the most interesting thing I've ever been asked to draw :'D

Thanks for the suggestion Crazeeh its amazing :'DD

And do you like my high quality rainbow :| It took me a lot of effort to colour that at such a fine scale XDD

Thanks to all my friends who suggested things for me to draw, I'm tempted to do it again some time! ..Preferably when its light so I can take decent photos of the drawings :'DD

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  1. why does the guy in the second pic have no pupils

    1. It's the way I draw cartoon if I shade them, The eyes were meant to be darker around the edge and get lighter towards the middle but it hasn't shown up

  2. Yep, yep, everyone loves me ;)