Saturday, 16 March 2013

Views & Subscribers..♥

I have some great news! :D
Firstly, Oh my god amethystemmie.blogspot has reached 10,000 views, I mean TEN THOUSAND!? I don't even know 10,000 people XDD
Anyway thank you so much for sticking by me and stalking my blog for the past 10 months or so..Means a lot and hopefully you'll carry on viewing in future as I'm trying to get back into my former posting habits :L

Also, I've nearly reached 100 subscribers on my youtube channel EmmieMSP, So please help me get there as I currently have 97 - ITS FRUSTRATINGLY CLOSE!!
I'll post the link to you because I'm considered a nice person and I don't want to dip below my expectations :'D <- CLICK IT, CLICK IT NOW I SAY XD

Anyway I'll wrap it up here as I've literally nothing else to say xD
Thanks for viewing guys!


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