Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pointless Post #1

The first of a long string of Pointless Posts
So me and my friend were talking and she said how she dreamed of going to Liverpool, because it's where the Beatles formed who in which are her favourite band. I wondered why it meant to much for her to go for a while but then one day I started thinking. And I realised how much I want to visit Cincinnati, Ohio because of the same reason..Birth place of Black Veil Brides. There's no moral to that other than, Where would you like to visit and is there a meaning to you as to why you want to visit?
I don't know why I'm posting this but seriously, I just need somewhere to spill my random thoughts to make room for new ones. 

Ok that's all I have to say about my life story in 5 seconds. Yayyyayayayayayayayaya.


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