Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Right, Yeah..

Helloo c:
I wanna make a serious apology for the lack of posts recently, Its about time I explained to be honest.So,  I've had a lot going on both physically and emotionally. Because not much less than a month ago I moved house due to family problems (Not going into detail) and obviously its taken me a while to get into routine. As you can imagine there's a lot going through my head and stuff which has got me a little sidetracked. Also I've been focussing on Homework, YouTube and a new account called xWretched to keep me in the norm of msp and things. Also..Being perfectly honest here, I've been asleep. I had my half term week off last week so I spent my time catching up on sleep.
Umm yeah, thats my massive confession/excuse. 

Also, Take a look at my imvu because I forgot my old password so I created a new acc. Yeah, Its a working progress as I only made the acc today xD

Ok ciao now coz I have nothing else to say, Cya later alligators C;

Keep On Smiling♥

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