Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Guys! I'm So Sorry D':

Hi Guys!
Really sorry for not updating my blog recently, I've had a lot on such as the fact..well...I moved house :'O
Anyway I'm here now and I'm just saying one day a few weeks ago, I. Got. Bored. SHOCKER! Yeah anyway I got bored and created a second UK account called xWretched (Don't ask about the username..It's inspired by BVB's new album Wretched And Devine'
Haha anyway, thats my news :L

Also!! I nearly have 10 THOUSANDDD page views :D Please keep up your stalkerish ways of viewing my msp life and the extra parts when I just got bored (lol) 
Yeah so..I'm so excited coz I'm nearly there :D

Finally, Incase you haven't seen it yet..Here's my latest Msp music video on my channel EmmieMSP :D

Please comment, like and subscribe :3

~Keep On Smiling

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