Thursday, 6 December 2012


Hi its Emmie :D here to help with your facial needs!
So, its the first time I've done this so we'll see how it turns out :)
So recently I've been talking to dolphin900 and superginge22, who you may or may not know. Anyway they told me they weren't happy with their faces so i decided to design them and post them here for you guys ;)
~If you decide you would like to buy a face, just mail me! (Lol it sounds so funny xDD)
But for's dolphin900 and superginge22's faces - I made 3 for each.


Click to enlarge


So yeah, thats all for now! I hope you like at least one of your many new faces and I hope you feel good about wearing them - God I make em sound like masks!
Anyway yeah, comment/mail me what you think and also if you want a face like I said! :DDD

~Emmie :D

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