Thursday, 13 December 2012


So..Msp have made a few changes today -_-
Some in which I really despise. I'm really annoyed at the fact Msp MAKE our moviestar's do animations that we dont own, in the chatrooms! It doesn't give us a chance to express ourselves directly and chat to people at the same time! We want to stand there doing OUR ANIMATIONS! 
Also, we now blink. I haven't got a problem with us blinking, it makes the game seem more realistic I guess because before..our boonies blinked but not us! I mean it was a bit messed up :L 
And finally YouTube has changed..I dont have an opinion on it because I dont stalk Msp YouTube..unless I have a video up there in hghscores ~ Please note that I do, and I'd appreciate it if you watched it!
Thats all I really have to say..

..Happy blinking

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