Sunday, 18 November 2012

Level 12 and other long lectures!

Hey stalkers!

So I have some great news for you all, I'm 3/4 of the way to level 12. I know right?! I never thought I'd ever actually get this far through msp and once I'm lvl 12 I'll actually be half way through msp! 
Here are some ideas for you to think about helping me, c'mon! some of these take less than 10 seconds to do and they cost you nothing!
Wouldn't it feel great knowing you helped someone level up? Yes? No? Anyway thats all I have to lecture you on about level 12 :3
Also I'm really happy for Loud & Proud and dolphin900 as they've made up after months of hate :\ but thats finally over and now we're back to the old days of being bffs all together! :D

As you've noticed, I like green. I like green so much that when I see something in the shops I have to make it green and add it to my wishy. xD
No its coz I got this outfit with some really cool hair and I expanded it into the outfit on that artbook up there, thats it scroll up a sec and there I am ^ yeah see me? Good :P Otherwise you got something wrong with chu ;P

Kay this is starting to get really long so I'll leave you with a nice song I like, dont worry I promise its not by Black Veil Brides :D

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