Thursday, 18 October 2012

Long post<'3

Hiya guys its Emmie :D (Amy)

First of all. I got vip!! Thats only coz my mum was making up for not getting me and my sister a souvenir back from France (she went to France with some friends) So I managed to claim a month's vip, EEKK! XDD

Secondly! I was hanging with some good friends of mine..who happen to be high lvl'ers :D
I saw Angelina_Jolie, Princess770 and Lucky Lily who Im friends with and a whole other load of famous people :D 

See? Yep, IM SO AWESOME ;D jks
Colourful Emo xD was there but Im not friends with her yet lul but we were all socially gangnam styling! YEY FOR KOREAN GUYS XDD

Next I'd like to say, Please please pleeeaaaasseeeee love my looks because I want some of my latest ones to get past 10 loves when at the moment they have 9 max (: THANKCHUUU!!!

And finally, you all know my sister Eli yeah? (If you must be living under a rock.......or you just dont stalk me) Well anyway, shes got tonnes of cool outfits as you know ofc but I think they'd be loads loads better if she had some white Princess Toes, look...she hasnt asked me to do this, she doesnt know Ive done this but if you could possibly give her some white princess toes. She will..and I mean WILL love you for-absolutely-ever and a day!! 

For-absolutely-ever  = BEYOND INFINITY

Grr Eli's Jury and Im not...well shes had vip more than me but yeah..GRRR! xD

Thank chu very much for stalking me. Hope you enjoyed my pointless monkey cheeese, dont forget to visit again! BUH BWAII<'3

-Wishys Deeply Appreaciated<'3
Emmie :D

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