Thursday, 13 September 2012

A Big Random Post

This is kinda an all-in-ne post today, coz I havent posted in ages! :o Sowwii
Btw 1firstly, IM LVL 10 THANKSH CHU SOOOO MUCH!!! Just A LOT of fame till lvl 11 now, Im so happy I made it to double figures in less than a year :O
Should I be worried that I was only lvl 9 for 18 days O_O

Am I the only one who thinks..THATS A HUGE BOONIE O_O, Its that guys boonie xD

< xD

And finally, I have a new prof pic!! 
Im planning on gettting an outfit that looks like moi irl B) Saving up 1st xx

Thanks for reading, Check out EmmieMSP on YouTube
And heres a shout-out to selenaurule, ik u've been a bit sad lately, so i lav u and ur one of the best bff's i've ever had xx

Anyway Thanks again!!
Best wishes for lvling up ;D
ammy x (thats ma really name, Amy, so u can call me ammy coz its mai nickname ♥)

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  1. im a bigger forum freak :P
    have a look at