Monday, 9 July 2012


Heya guys! I just wanna say a final goodbye before I go on my hols to France x

There are a few things I wanna say thanks for etc :D
Ok firstly I wanna thank ishacool for wishys and things and I wanna thank emmaiscool900, Elisa Black, ishacool, abbylicious03, XxTamzStarxX,kayleyrocks, Masie-Belle and Amy49479 for well..just being awesome really lol.
And I wanna say thank you to everyone who has given me autos for the past few weeks, it will defo help me to lvl 7 :D xxx
But my real goal is lvl 10, I know its a long way off but I know I can do it :D
And one finaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll point about wishys, yeah I know what ur thinking..."Uh oh here she goes again asking for wishys -.-" well yeah kinda but I've become quite attached to my room atm and I wanna improve it so it looks more like a lvl 6's room so the things on my wishlist are furniture items costing about 300sc each so if u have somewhere in ur heart to buy me one of those I would be very greatful x

Anyway thats all I came to say really, anyway I'll post again in 3 weeks when I'm back from France. Miss you all!!!!!!!!

Emmie :D xx


  1. Aww Im gonna miss u so much and yes Im gonna give u as much auto's as I can!

    Your Dearest Friend,

    1. hiya its tamannas Bff Reba

  2. Aww I'm sorry kayley. Omg I forgot ok that's it I'm editing that and putting u on :D xxx no worries u'll be on there as soon as I can change it :DDDD

    Emmie :D
    P.S sowwy kayley, forgive meh!!

    1. I can't believe I'm lvl 9 now, I only wrote that like a month or 2 ago